WiMax Broadband

Still connected to the same old, expensive telephone network? Imagine WiMax provides your business with broadband without the need to pay fixed line rental.

With phone and broadband bundles, Business WiMax slashes your business telecoms costs.

Imagine is investing more than €100m rolling out our national WiMax network, making WiMax the alternative network for business customers throughout the country.
Upgrade and Save over €600* a year with no line rental
WiMax Broadband Prices


:- High Speed Broadband
WiMax is not dependant on poor quality copper wires. Connect to WiMax and experience the difference.

:- Number Portability
Port you existing numbers to Imagine. Alternatively we can provide you with new geographic phone numbers.

:- Flexible
WiMax can be upgraded / downgraded at the flick of a switch. Need a new line – just give us a call and we'll set you up with no connection fee.

:- Resilience
Does your business have multiple fixed phone lines? Why not take WiMax for two of your lines to give extra resilience while also saving costs.

* Savings based on a comparison between Imagine Business WiMax 3Mb Bundle and eircom talktime for business with 3Mb DSL, for a customer with 2 phone lines plus calls as per table. ComReg / Millward Brown SME & Corporate ICT research, March 2010.
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